Azuba CCM Document Platform

Azuba Customer Communication Management (CCM) Solutions

The efficient consolidation of healthcare data today is more important than ever. Azuba’s CCM Document Platform 8 is a market proven cloud-based solution that comprehensively allows healthcare providers to seamlessly send and access data from a single source.

We are pleased to offer the following platform editions:
  • Azuba CCM Enterprise
  • Azuba CCM Express
  • CCM Batch
  • CCM Interactive
  • CCM OnDemand
  • CCM Author
  • CCM Developer

Customer Communication Management (CCM) Enterprise

  • Consolidated into one package, CCM Enterprise is designed for large enterprises that enables Batch, Interactive and OnDemand composition, as well as formatting and delivery of relevant and personalized customer communications. Learn more here. 

Customer Communication Management (CCM) Express

  • Ideal for medium sized to large companies with a la carte options that enable Batch, Interactive and OnDemand composition, as well as formatting and delivery of relevant, and personalized customer communications. Learn more here.

Customer Communication Management (CCM) Batch

  • Enables document generation of scheduled back office communications for high volume production runs. Learn more here.

Customer Communication Management (CCM) Interactive

  • Provides document generation of real-time front office communications for one to one customer service. Learn more here.  

Customer Communication Management (CCM) OnDemand

  • Enables document generation of anytime self-service communications for customer self-service. Learn more here.

Template Design & Software Integration Add-Ons

  • We are pleased to also offer these additional products.

Customer Communication Management (CCM) Author

  • Built on Microsoft® Word, this templated authoring content management tool is highly versatile. Learn more here.

Customer Communication Management (CCM) Developer

  • A toolkit for developers to extend the out-of-the box capabilities of Azuba CCM. Learn more here.

Templates & Documents

  • Azuba CCM Author allows users to create high-quality, personalized transactional customer templates and documents. (Click on thumbnails below).

Health Insurance Explanation of Benefits Statements (EOB)

  • Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statements summarize information health care users receive, including costs paid (covered), as well as those not paid (not covered). The number of services listed on this statement can vary.
  • Azuba CCM enables the definition and composition of repeating rows. This provides virtually an   unlimited number of services (rows of data) from a database to be merged into the composed document.

Life Insurance Premiums Paid Confirmation Letter

  • Insurance companies utilize this letter to confirm that customers have paid their annual life insurance premium. Azuba CCM enables the creation and support of multi-language documents, based on each insurer’s preference – in this case, English or Spanish.

Property/Casualty Insurance Roadside Services Claim Letter

  • Roadside Assistance providers use this document to notify their customers that they are nearing the maximum number of allowed annual service claims. Utilizing prompts, Azuba CCM enables these companies to input data on-the-fly, by prompting them for missing information during the document generation workflow.

State Government Unemployment Claim Filing Notice

  • State governments utilize this notice to inform an individual’s most recent employer that they have filed for unemployment benefits. Attached with this notice is a form to protest or appeal the determination. Azuba CCM enables the inclusion of enclosures or attachments according to the template design.