Azuba CCM OnDemand Option

Anytime, Self-Service, Web Portal Document Generation

The Azuba CCM 8 OnDemand Option integrates with Web portals to enable customers to interactively create, view and optionally distribute documents without requiring help from one of your employees.

In the past, customers could wait several days before they received documents related to a customer service request. Companies spent a lot of time and money responding to such requests, but customers were often dissatisfied with the quality of documents received as well as the turnaround times.

Today’s customers want instant access to information, and businesses are turning to web-based applications for everyday activities, especially when it comes to customer communications. Web portals enable customers real-time access to their personal information. By allowing customers to create, view and request documents on-line, businesses save money with reduced calls to their customer service centers and reduced postal costs. Even more importantly, customer satisfaction and retention are increased.

Azuba CCM 8 OnDemand Option provides the tools you need to integrate powerful document creation, distribution and archival capabilities within your customer self-service Web portal. Utilizing Azuba CCM’s Version Control functionality, the Compose on Date feature even allows a document to be created based on a past date, using the specific content objects that were in production as of the date specified.


  • Ideal for support of customer self-service Web portals
  • Provides a powerful set of tools for easy integration with Web-based applications
  • Enables customers 24/7 access to personalized documents
  • Increases customer satisfaction and retention
  • Reduces your call center and postal costs
  • Decreases document turnaround time from days to minutes
  • Reduces reliance upon IT resources and enables business users to maintain document templates
  • Streamlines communication processes and reduces the need for human intervention
  • Creates new business opportunities by enabling new and emerging digital channels
  • Facilitates regulatory compliance by using required formats and terminology

Azuba CCM 8 OnDemand Option enables businesses to meet the increasing demand for customer self-service for real-time access to personalized communications. The return on investment (ROI) is clear – save time, lower costs, and increase customer satisfaction. OnDemand Option is the ideal choice for businesses that plan to implement a self-service Web portal with powerful document creation, distribution, and archival capabilities.