Azuba CCM Batch Option

Scheduled, High-Volume, Back Office Document Generation

The Azuba CCM 8 Batch Option typically involves structured output that is created in large groups at a scheduled time and pulls data from a single file or database.

In the past, batch document creation was the only method possible when large volumes of documents needed to be created and distributed. Batch systems were often difficult to work with and required significant initial and on-going investment in IT resources to facilitate the document creation and distribution process; and templates were developed and maintained by programmers.

Today, the Azuba CCM 8 Batch Option provides all the capabilities and advantages of batch document creation while improving the ease-of-use for both template authoring and document distribution. Document templates are designed and created using Azuba CCM’s unique add-ins for Microsoft Word. Templates are composed of objects including standard text, conditional paragraphs, images and merged variable fields.

During the Batch Option document creation process, Azuba CCM automatically grabs variable data from your database and can use it to insert data into merge fields and control which paragraphs get inserted into the document based on rules contained directly in the template. In addition, the Version Control feature allows for multiple versions of the same content objects (e.g. templates, paragraphs, images, etc.) to be drafted, maintained, tested, approved, stored, and scheduled for production all in one place. The result is a cleanly formatted, customized document ready for distribution to a customer.


  • Ideal for large volume structured output
  • Provides easy-to-use tools for document template creation and maintenance
  • Automates mundane or repetitive communication tasks
  • Enables reuse of shared content such as marketing messages and customer information
  • Integrates easily with existing databases and files
  • Often implements in one week or less
  • Provides consistent customer communications regardless of channel (e.g. mail, email, fax or Web)
  • Provides a high-ROI with a low entry investment
  • Reduces reliance upon IT resources and enables business users to maintain document templates
  • Facilitates regulatory compliance by using required formats and terminology

Azuba CCM 8 Batch Option is very easy to implement and can often go from installation to production in less than one week. This also makes Batch Option a very cost-effective place to start for many organizations. If you need an automated way to create high-volumes of documents with a low entry price, Azuba CCM 8 Batch Option is for you.