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The Azuba platform breaks through the barriers patients typically face in accessing their own data. With a simple “one single click” feature, patients can access their full clinical history and conveniently share it with each of their providers.

The transmission of health data across key stakeholders is crucial in the construction of an effective, efficient, and equitable health system. Unfortunately, valuable stakeholders like patients only have limited access to their health data. In fact, patients typically only have access to about 1% of all of their clinical data.

Drive Better Health Outcomes

Patients are wary of wrestling with the health system to access their own clinical data. They usually don’t feel valued as partners of the health system in producing health data or know much about how to use their health data more effectively.

"Our goal is to provide patients with better health outcomes and to boost engagement with a smooth healthcare experience".
Bart Carlson, CEO
Bart Carlson

Empower Patients to Make Informed Decisions

Have a Holistic View of Your Patient’s Health