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As a caregiver for your mother, who has multiple health issues, you are managing and taking her to multiple doctor appointments, trying to help her to take her medications on time, assisting her with paperwork and are having trouble keeping track of her health records in order to help her get the best care. Or, your child has been diagnosed with a chronic condition, she isn’t getting any better, you have researched alternative treatment plans and are trying to find the best care option.

As a doctor, you are trying to make an accurate diagnosis and treatment recommendation for your patient, but don’t have access to the complete health records for your patient including their health records from other providers, generational family health history and genomic test results

As a payer, you have limited financial data about your members, but also need clinical data to improve patient health and reduce waste caused by unnecessary tests, readmissions and fraud.


Azuba is an independent, cloud-based health-information platform, which enables patients, providers and payers to securely use comprehensive health information - anytime, anywhere, leading to improved health outcomes.


"I finally feel like I can manage my health information with Azuba! And, I can share my health information with my doctors, family members and caregivers at the touch of my fingers - all in a one-stop solution."

"With Azuba, I can quickly and easily access my patient's and their family's complete health history at the point of care. I also have the capability to securely communicate with my patients."


"With Azuba, we have improved patient health and reduced costs by lessening waste from medical errors and duplicate tests and procedures. Thanks, Azuba!"




Sign-Up For Free - Azuba is completely free to patients, family members and caregivers.

Access Digital Health Records On-The-Go - Azuba's mobile health app provides patients and caregivers with mobile access to their health records across their physicians, insurance companies and caregivers, while allowing them to securely share that information with other physicians, family members and caregivers.

View, Download & Transmit with Ease - Azuba offers powerful and practical features with an easy-to-use and intuitive interface to view, download and transmit your electronic health records. So it's easy to learn and extremely useful.

Connect From Any Device - Azuba offers multi-channel device support for any device the patient or caregiver chooses – mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop computers.


Access Multi-Generational Family and Genetic Records - Azuba uses patient health records, family medical histories and genomic health data to help providers improve their diagnostic and treatment-plan accuracy rates.

Leverage Azuba's Knowledge Base - Azuba's ontology-driven, bio-medical knowledge base turns data into information, and information into knowledge for advanced clinical analysis.

Measure Improvement With Health Scores - Using aggregated individual & population wide data, Azuba provides patients, providers & payers with performance & quality scores, which quantify wellness & informs how cost, quality, & outcomes can be continuously improved.


Share Data Faster - Azuba provides a common health data platform across which aggregated patient health data can be used to enable smarter and more cost effective outcomes.

Keep Patient Information Safe & Secure - Azuba is HIPAA compliant and offers secure mobile functionality and secure point-to-point communication tools.


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