Azuba CCM Interactive Option

Real-Time, One-to-One, Front Office Document Generation

The Azuba CCM 8 Interactive Option enables business users to quickly and easily enter variable customer data into pre-approved document templates to create high-quality personalized customer communications.

In the past, creating personalized customer documents was a time consuming and error prone process. Moreover, various departments in an organization had their own methods of creating and storing documents. Resulting documents were inconsistent, often stored in different environments and cumbersome to manage.

Today, Azuba CCM 8 Interactive Option enables business users to create highly-personalized customer documents quickly. Using Azuba CCM’s unique add-ins for Microsoft Word, authors create document templates composed of content objects including standard text, conditional paragraphs, images and merged variable fields. Azuba CCM’s Version Control feature allows for multiple versions of the same content objects to be drafted, maintained, tested, approved, stored, and scheduled for production all in one place.

During the Interactive Option document creation process, Azuba CCM prompts the user for variable customer data and paragraphs that can be inserted in the document based on rules contained directly in the template. The result is a professional-looking and hyper-customized customer document.


  • Ideal for the creation of real-time communication between customer service representatives and customers
  • Provides a tailored front-end for document template creation and maintenance
  • Automates mundane or repetitive communication tasks
  • Integrates easily with existing business applications
  • Reduces errors due to manual data entry
  • Provides consistent customer communications regardless of channel (e.g. standard mail, email, fax, Web, etc.)
  • Reduces reliance upon IT resources and enables business users to maintain document templates
  • Facilitates regulatory compliance by using required formats and terminology
  • Consolidates overlapping processes for document creation across various departments

Azuba CCM 8 Interactive Option integrates easily with your existing customer database and files, facilitates real-time document creation, and ensures consistent customer communication across your organization. If you need to create highly personalized customer documents with variable customer data, Interactive Option is for you.