Azuba Blue Button Solution

Blue Button® Gaining Momentum

The Automate Blue Button Initiative (ABBI) is generating a groundswell of support from beneficiaries, health care providers, health payers and other major health care organizations as they realize, through the Blue Button, consumers will have more access to and portability of their health care information.

With the privacy and security assurances, beneficiaries want to be able to:

  • Have improved access to their health information
  • Reduce time spent filling out paper forms
  • Shift attitudes in support of their engagement in health
  • Have more active participation in their own health
  • Have improved quality of outcomes and better health

Health Providers want to be able to:

  • Privately and securely access personal beneficiary health data on demand
  • Reduce medical errors and better health care

Health Payers want to be able to:

  • Reduce costs by minimizing medical errors, waste and inefficiencies

Azuba Blue Button® Solution through Incremental Improvements to Existing Web Site

Through incremental improvements to an existing web site, the Azuba Blue Button Solution enables beneficiaries to:

  • Have immediate accuracy, completeness and readability of their health information
  • Better understand their health and make informed, active decisions
  • Help to make sure that they and all of their care team members are on the same page

About Azuba

  • Azuba is a privately held, small business since 1986 located in Naperville, IL and McLean, VA
  • Azuba is a world leader in Commercial off-the-Shelf (COTS) Customer Communications Management (CCM) software solutions
  • Azuba’s international client base includes State Government agencies and Fortune 1000 companies within financial services, insurance, telecom, utilities and other industries