For over three decades, Azuba CCM has helped customers improve their customer communications in a variety of industries including: business services, financial services, health services, higher education, insurance, public sector and others. Our Customer Communications Management (CCM) software solutions are tailored to fit each customer’s needs and meet their specific requirements.


Improved Customer Satisfaction

Our solutions improve customer retention and satisfaction by increasing quality across all customer communications.

Added Revenue

Our solutions increase revenue by including cross-sell and up-sell marketing messages in all correspondence.

Increased Productivity

Our solutions reduce time spent creating and maintaining templates by providing easy-to-use template authoring tools built on Microsoft® Word.

Expense Reduction

Our solutions reduce expenses by improving automation document processes.



Boost the Customer Experience – The insurance industry by its very nature is customer-focused. The ability to provide customers with the information and documentation they need, such as customer correspondence, policies, or explanation of benefits (EOBs), is key to improving the customer experience. Azuba CCM solutions are designed to streamline customer communications across all lines-of-business within the enterprise including underwriting, claims & benefits, policy & customer services and sales & marketing. Read more

Customer Success
Central States Health & Life Company of Omaha (CSO), a leading provider of debt protection products, chose Azuba CCM to streamline correspondence in their claims department, a department that generates over 70% of all their correspondence. According to Dave Dibben, VP and CIO at CSO, “With the use of easily configured business logic, we have reduced errors and maintained consistency within our letters. Our volume of templates has been cut in half.”


Facilitate Engagement Between Patients, Providers and Payers – As a dedicated health services organization, you focus on health improvement as a means to reduce overall healthcare expenditures and improve quality of life for patients. Azuba CCM solutions help health services organizations improve overall health by facilitating high-quality and effective communication between all parties in the healthcare landscape – patients, providers & payers.

Customer Success
A Specialty Health Services Company, dedicated to the design and delivery of specialty health services, chose Azuba CCM to improve patient communications. The organization found Azuba CCM to be a full-featured offering that fit with their existing workflow processes. Azuba CCM was integrated into their existing applications and streamlined business processes for document creation, personalization, distribution and archiving, enabling them to deliver patient-centered, provider-supportive services that optimized expenditures and improved health.

Financial Services

Improve Personalization & Timeliness of Communications – Improving the customer experience is a high priority for banks, investment firms, credit unions, lending providers and other type of financial services organizations. Azuba CCM solutions help improve the quality of customer correspondence, letters, notices, loan agreements, policies, or statements, so your customers receive high-quality, personalized and timely communications.

Customer Success
A Global Technology and Payments Processing Leader, serving more than 6 million merchant locations, thousands of card issuers and millions of consumers worldwide, selected Azuba CCM solutions to automate the document creation and distribution process for client letters and statements. The organization found Azuba CCM solutions to be stable, simplistic to implement and highly-scalable for large-volume structured document output. With Azuba CCM solutions, the organization quickly and easily processes about 2 billion customer documents each year.

Business Services

Business woman and man shaking hands.

Increase Client Performance – No matter what services your organization provides – human resources, accounting, consulting, or other services – your goal is to improve client performance. Azuba CCM solutions help business services organizations focus on their core business, improving client performance, by facilitating high-quality and effective communication between both clients and their customers.

Customer Success
Ambrose Employer Group, a PEO, provides outsourced human resources, payroll and benefits administration for white-collar organizations. Ambrose selected Azuba CCM to accommodate its growing client base and need for improved business processes. Ambrose now has the capability to create, edit, personalize, and distribute documents in an efficient and hassle-free manner. Kim Diorio, Director of Client Services at Ambrose, commented on the benefits of Azuba CCM, “We are pleased to have this process automated and can already see how Napersoft [now Azuba CCM] helps us make changes to our documents easily and save time.”

Public Sector

Gain Centralized Control of Communications – Pressure to improve performance and efficiencies with fewer resources have forced many government organizations to find innovative ways to deliver increased levels of service with static or shrinking budgets. Azuba CCM solutions provide centralized control of all communications, making it easy to holistically manage customer communications across decentralized, multi-office operations for Public Sector and Government agencies. Read more

Customer Success
The Illinois Department of Revenue’s primary responsibility is to serve as the tax collection agency for state and local governments. Azuba CCM was seamlessly integrated with the Bureau of Information Processing’s exception processing system (EPS). This system handles the state’s largest source of revenue, enabling greater efficiencies and a significantly higher volume of documents.

Higher Education

Enhance Institutional & Student Success – From enrollment services to financial aid to ongoing student services, documents are constantly moving across campus. Azuba CCM solutions enable colleges and universities to provide students, staff, faculty, alumni and vendors with the information they need to enhance their overall effectiveness with student learning, engagement and future success.

Azuba CCM solutions have a breadth of functionality that has also been applied in many other industries such as Legal, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Transportation and Utilities among others.

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