Technical Services


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One-Week Quick Start

Today, organizations are continually looking for ways to save time and money implementing software solutions. In addition, companies are striving to become self-sufficient in supporting software applications in order to avoid extended consulting engagements.

Azuba CCM’s customer-acclaimed one-week quick start engagement methodology is designed with these issues in mind and provides installation of our platform, initial integration with one business application, design and creation of 3-5 document templates and training for authors and IT personnel at the customer site in a one-week engagement. Our hands-on methodology will improve your knowledge of how to use Azuba CCM most effectively to facilitate project success across your organization.

Process Improvement Offerings

With over three decades of experience, we understand customer communications and can recommend process improvements that deliver real business results. Through our work with customers around the World in a variety of industries including: business services, financial services, health services, higher education, insurance, public sector and others, we have developed repeatable process improvement offerings that can be replicated in your environment.

For example, we have developed a unique offering for Householding. In this tailored solution, we can implement process improvement techniques that manage the distribution of documents by customer household. Our customers who have implemented Householding have saved millions of dollars in postal costs.

In addition, we can develop a tailored offering that addresses your specific process improvement needs. We have delivered improved business results to our customers through process audit, process design and custom integration services.

Document Efficiency Offerings

We know how to design templates and workflows for efficiency. By utilizing Azuba CCM Author, built on Microsoft® Word, we can enable your business units with the tools to manage and control their documents without requiring IT support.